Fruits are rich in carbohydrates, viramins, minerals, and dietary fibers. Because of the presence of these nutrients, they are very healthy.

The nutrition data Table gives the calories, total fat, saturated fat, monounsaturated fat and poly-unsaturated fat content of some fruits and fruit juices.

 Food Description MeasureWtCalPro-
(g)(kcal) (g)(g) (g)(g)(g)
Calories in Apples,  Unpeeled, 2" dia (about 3 per lb) 1 apple 138 81 Tr Tr 0.1 Tr 0.1
Calories in Apple juice, bottled or canned.. 1 cup 248 117 Tr Tr Tr Tr 0.1
Calories in Apple pie filling, canned 1/8 of 21-oz can 74 75 Tr Tr Tr 0.0 Tr
Calories in Apple sauce, canned, Sweetened 1 cup 255 194 Tr Tr 0.1 Tr 0.1
Calories in Apple sauce, canned, Unsweetened 1 cup 244 105 Tr Tr Tr Tr Tr
Calories in Apricots,  without pits (about 12 per lb with pits) 1 apricot 35 17 Tr Tr Tr 0.1 Tr
Calories in Apricots, Dried, sulfured 10 halves 35 83 1 Tr Tr 0.1 Tr
Calories in Avocados , without skin, 1/5 of whole1 oz2850150.73.20.6
Calories in Bananas, Whole, medium1 banana118109 110.2Tr0.1
Calories in Blackberries1 cup1447511Tr0.10.3
Calories in Blueberries1 cup1458111Tr0.10.2
Calories in Cantaloupe (5" dia) Cubes1 cup 160561Tr0.1Tr0.2
Calories in Carambola (star fruit), Whole1 fruit9130TrTrTrTr0.2
Calories in Cherries, red, without pits & stems10 cherries6849110.10.2 0.2
Calories in Cranberries, dried, sweetened...1/4 cup2892TrTrTrTr0.1
Calories in Dates, without pits, Whole5 dates421161Tr0.10.1Tr
Calories in Grapefruit,  without peel, membrane and seeds (3 3/4" dia), Pink or red1/2 grapefruit123371TrTrTrTr
Calories in Grapefruit juice, Unsweetened1 cup247941TrTrTr0.1
Calories in Grapefruit juice, Sweetened1 cup2501151TrTrTr0.1
Calories in Grapes, seedless10 grapes5036TrTr0.1Tr0.1
Calories in Honeydew (6"-7" dia) , Diced, about 20 pieces cup)1 cup170601TrTrTr0.1
Calories in Grape juice, Canned or bottled1 cup2531541Tr0.1Tr0.1
Calories in Kiwi fruit,  without skin1 medium76461TrTrTr0.2
Calories in Lemons,  1 lemon58171TrTrTr0.1
Calories in Lemon juice  juice of 1 lemon 4712Tr00.00.00.0
Calories in Lime juice (from 2"-dia lime)juice of 1 lime3810TrTrTrTrTr
Calories in Mangos,  without skin and seed1 mango207135110.10.20.1
Calories in Nectarines1 nectarine13667110.10.20.3
Calories in Orange1 orange131621TrTrTrTr
Calories in Orange juice1 cup2481122Tr0.10.10.1
Calories in Papaya , 1/2" cubes1 cup140551Tr0.10.1Tr
Calories in Pears, with skin, cored1 pear1669811Tr0.10.2
Calories in Pineapple, diced 1 cup1557611Tr0.10.2
Calories in Plums 1 plum66361TrTr0.30.1
Calories in Prunes, dried, pitted5 prunes421001TrTr0.1Tr
Calories in Prune juice, canned or bottled1 cup2561822TrTr0.1Tr
Calories in Raisins, seedless, Cup, not packed1 cup145435510.2Tr0.2
Calories in Raspberries1 cup1236011Tr0.10.4
Calories in Rhubarb, frozen, cooked, with sugar1 cup2402781TrTrTr0.1
Calories in Strawberries, Large1 strawberry185TrTrTrTrTr
Calories in Tangerines,  without peel and seeds1 tangerine84371TrTrTrTr
Calories in Tangerine juice, canned, sweetened1 cup2491251TrTrTr0.1
Calories in Watermelon, (15" long x 7" dia) Diced1 cup15249110.10.20.2

From the above char, it is clear that while eating fruits provide fewer calories, furit juices are calorie dense.

Tr - Trace

Actually you need not to use this calorie chart if you are eating fruits and trying to lose your weight. You will notice that the fruits contain negligible fats. Therefore, whatever calories you are getting from fruits, are from carbohydrates with the added advantage of getting fibers.

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