Vegetables and beans are rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibers. Because of the presence of these nutrients, and the requirement of needing large number of calories for their digestion.

Beens are very good source of protein and fiber.

You will notice that beans and vegetables have negligible amounts of saturated fats, and not large number of calories. If you eat these foods, you need not to count calories.

Food DescriptionMeasureWtCalPro-
Alfalfa sprouts, raw1 cup33101TrTrTr0.1
Calories in Artichokes, globe or French, cooked, drained1 cup168846Tr0.1Tr0.1
Calories in Asparagus, green. Cooked, drained, from raw1 cup18043510.1Tr0.2
Lima beans, immature seeds, frozen, cooked, drained, Ford hooks1 cup1701701010.1Tr0.3
Lima beans, immature seeds, frozen, cooked, drained, Baby limas1 cup1801891210.1Tr0.3
Bean sprouts (mung), Raw1 cup104313TrTrTr0.1
Bean sprouts (mung), Cooked, drained1 cup124263TrTrTrTr
Beets, Cooked, drained
Beets, Slices1 cup170753TrTr0.10.1
Whole beet1 beet247TrTrTrTrTr
Beet greens,leaves and stems, cooked, drained, 1" pieces...1 cup144394TrTr0.10.1
black eyed peas,immature, seeds, cooked, drained, from raw1 cup165160510.20.10.3
Broccoli, rawChopped or diced1 cup88253TrTrTr0.1
Broccoli, cookedChopped1 cup15644510.1Tr0.3
Broccoli, cooked, from frozen, chopped1 cup184526TrTrTr0.1
Brussels sprouts, cooked,1 cup15661410.20.10.4
Brussels sprouts, cooked, from frozen1 cup15565610.1Tr0.3
Cabbage, raw, shredded1 cup70181TrTrTr0.1
Cabbage, cooked, drained1 cup15033210.1Tr0.3
Cabbage,red, raw, shredded or savoy1 cup70191TrTrTr0.1
Pak choi or bok choy1 cup170203TrTrTr0.1
Carrot raw, whole, 1/2" long1 carrot72311TrTrTr0.1
Carrot Grated1 cup110471TrTrTr0.1
Carrot Baby1 medium104TrTrTrTrTr
Cauliflower, raw1 floweret133TrTrTrTrTr
Celery, Stalk, 8" long1 stalk406TrTrTrTrTr
Pieces, diced1 cup120191TrTrTr0.1
Celery, stalk, medium, cooked, drained1 stalk387TrTrTrTrTr
Chives, raw, chopped1 tbsp31TrTrTrTrTr
Cilantro,raw1 tsp2TrTrTrTrTrTr
Corn, sweet, yellow, kernels on cob, cooked1 ear7783310.20.30.5
Corn, sweet, white, cooked, drained1 ear7783310.20.30.5
Cucumber, peeled, sliced1 cup119141TrTrTr0.1
Whole1 large280342Tr0.1Tr0.2
Unpeeled, sliced1 cup104141TrTrTr0.1
Whole,1 large301392Tr0.1Tr0.2
Dandelion greens,cooked, drained1 cup10535210.2Tr0.3
Dill weed, raw5 sprigs1TrTrTrTrTrTr
Eggplant, cooked, drained1 cup99281TrTrTr0.1
Endive, pieces, raw, small1 cup5091TrTrTrTr
Garlic, raw1 clove34TrTrTrTrTr
Kale, cooked, drained, chopped1 cup13036210.1Tr0.3
Kohlrabi, cooked, drained1 cup165483TrTrTr0.1
Leeks, diced, cooked, drained1 cup104321TrTrTr0.1
Lettuce, raw1 medium leaf81TrTrTrTrTr
Lettuce, raw, head, 5" dia1 head163212TrTrTr0.2
Mushrooms, raw, pieces or slices1 cup70182TrTrTr0.1
Mushrooms, cooked, drained, pieces1 cup15642310.1Tr0.3
Mushrooms, dried1 mushroom411TrTrTrTrTr
Mustard greens, cooked,1 cup140213TrTr0.20.1
Okra, sliced, cooked, drained1 cup160513Tr0.1Tr0.1
Okra, sliced, cooked, drained, from frozen1 cup18452410.10.10.1
Onions, raw, chopped1 cup160612TrTrTr0.1
Spring Onions, raw, top and bulb, chopped1 cup100322TrTrTr0.1
Whole, medium1 whole155TrTrTrTrTr
Parsley, raw10 sprigs104TrTrTrTrTr
Parsnips, sliced, cooked1 cup1561262Tr0.10.20.1
Peas, edible pod, cooked,1 cup160675Tr0.1Tr0.2
Peas, edible pod, cooked, green, canned, drained1 cup170117810.10.10.3
Peas, , frozen, boiled, drained1 cup1601258Tr0.1Tr0.2
Peppers, Green 1 pepper45181TrTrTrTr
Peppers, Red1 pepper45181TrTrTrTr
Potatoes, baked with skin1 potato2022205Tr0.1Tr0.1
Potatoes, French fried, frozen, oven heated10 strips50100240.62.40.4
Potato Pancakes, home prepared1 pancake762075122.33.55.0
Calories in Potato puffs, from frozen10 puffs79175384.03.40.6
Potato salad, home prepared1 cup2503587213.66.29.3
Pumpkin, cooked, mashed1 cup245492Tr0.1TrTr
Pumpkin, Canned1 cup24583310.40.1Tr
Radishes, raw (C\v" to 1" dia)1 radish51TrTrTrTrTr
Sauerkraut, canned, solids and, iquid1 cup236452Tr0.1Tr0.1
Seaweed, Kelp, raw2 tbsp104TrTrTrTrTr
Shallots, raw, chopped1 tbsp107TrTrTrTrTr
Spinach, cooked, drained, from raw1 cup180415Tr0.1Tr0.2
Spinach, cooked, drained, canned, drained1 cup21449610.2Tr0.4
Summer Squash, raw1 cup113231TrTrTr0.1
Summer Squash, cooked, drained1 cup18036210.1Tr0.2
Sweet potatoes, baked, with skin (2" dia, 5" long raw)1 potato1461503TrTrTr0.1
Sweet potatoes, boiled, without skin1 potato1561643Tr0.1Tr0.2
Tomatoes, chopped or sliced1 cup18038210.10.10.2
Calories in Tomatoes, Sun dried, Plain1 piece25TrTrTrTrTr
Calories in Cherry Tomatoes1174TrTrTrTrTr
Calories in Tomato Paste1 cup2622151010.20.20.6
Calories in Tomato Puree1 cup2501004Tr0.10.10.2
Calories in Tomato Sauce1 cup245743Tr0.10.10.2
Turnips, cooked, cubes1 cup156331TrTrTr0.1
Turnips, (leaves and stems)1 cup144292Tr0.1Tr0.1

Tr - Trace

Actually you need not to use this calorie counter if you are eating vegetables and fruits and trying to lose your weight. You will notice that the vegetables contain negligible fats. Vegetables give you calories mostly from carbohydrates. Beans also give you high proteins.

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