Calories & Fats in Chicken, Turkey, Duck

Calories in chicken, duck and turkey depends on their part you eat as different parts contain different amount of nutrients. The number of calories in poultry products also depend on the way they are cooked.

The calories and fats in poultry and poultry products foods are high as compared to calories in vegetables and calories in fruits. See how much calories are you getting from the poultry foods you eat.

Look in the following table the nutrition data for different preparation of poultry products. In some of the preparations gives too much saturated fat.

 Food Description MeasureWtCalPro-
(g)(kcal) (g)(g) (g)(g)(g)
Breast, Fried in vegetable shortening, 1/2 breast (5.6 oz with bones)1/2 breast14036435184.97.64.3
Drumstick (3.4 oz with bones)1 drumstick7219316113.04.62.7
Thigh1 thigh8623819143.85.83.4
Wing1 wing4915910112.94.42.5
Breast, 1/2 breast (4.2 oz with bones) Flour coated 1/2 breast982183192.43.41.9
Drumstick (2.6 oz with bones)1 drumstick491201371.82.71.6
Fried, meat only, Dark meat3 oz8520325102.73.72.4
Fried, meat only, Light meat3 oz851632851.31.71.1
Breast, 1/2 breast (4.2 oz with bone and skin) Roasted, meat only1/2 breast861422730.91.10.7
Drumstick (2.9 oz with bone and skin)1 drumstick44761220.70.80.6
Thigh1 thigh521091361.62.21.3
Stewed, meat only, light and dark meat, chopped or diced        
Stewed, meat only, light and dark meat, chopped or diced1 cup14033243174.35.74.0
Chicken giblets, simmered, chopped1 cup1452283772.21.71.6
Chicken liver, simmered1 liver2031510.40.30.2
Chicken neck, meat only, simmered1 neck1832410.40.50.4
Duck, roasted, flesh only1/2 duck22144452259.28.23.2
Turkey, Roasted, meat only, Dark meat3 oz851592462.11.41.8
Turkey, Roasted, meat only, Light meat3 oz851332530.90.50.7
Turkey, Patty, from 4 oz raw1 patty8219322112.84.02.6
Turkey, Crumbled1 cup12729835174.36.24.1
Turkey giblets, simmered, chopped1 cup652423972.21.71.7
Turkey neck, meat only, simmered1 neck6527441113.72.53.3
Poultry food products        
Canned, boneless5 oz6923431113.14.52.5
Frankfurter (10 per 1 lb pkg)1 frank58116692.53.81.8
Roll, light meat (6 slices per 6-oz pkg)2 slices69901141.11.70.9

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