The calories in full fat milk is considerably higher than those in skim milk. 1 cup of whole milk contains 150 calories, while skim milk contains 86 calories. Milk cream is very calorie dense, 1 tablespoon (15 g) of cream gives you 51 calories. Similarly full fat yogurt (curd), cheese and creame also have more calories than skim or low fat ones. The light whipped cream has too much calories. However, all the milk products are high in protein.

The following table gives the calories, fats and protein conten of dairy products including cheese, yogurt, milk, cream, and similar products.

Food DescriptionMeasureWtCalPro-
Calories in Cheese        
Blue 1 oz 28 100 6 8 5.3 2.2 0.2
Camembert (3 wedges per4-oz container) 1 wedge 38 114 8 9 5.8 2.7 0.3
Cheddar Cut pieces 1 oz 28 114 7 9 6.0 2.7 0.3
Cheddar Cut pieces 1 cubic inch 17 68 4 6 3.6 1.6 0.2
Shredded 1 cup 113 455 28 37 23.8 10.6 1.1
Cheese Natural Cottage        
Creamed (4% fat)        
Large curd1 cup22523328106.42.90.3
Small curd1 cup2102172696.02.70.3
With fruit1 cup2262792284.92.20.2
Low fat (2%)1 cup2262033142.81.20.1
Low fat (1%)1 cup2261642821.50.70.1
Uncreamed (dry curd, less than 1/2% fat)1 cup1451232510.40.2Tr
Calories in Cream        
Regular1 oz28992106.22.80.4
 1 tbsp1551153.21.40.2
Low fat1 tbsp1535231.70.70.1
Fat free1 tbsp16152Tr0.10.1Tr
Feta1 oz2875464.21.30.2
Low fat, cheddar1 oz2849721.20.60.1
Mozzarella, made with Whole milk1 oz2880663.71.90.2
Mozzarella, made with Part skim milk (lowmoisture)1 oz2879853.11.40.1
Muenster1 oz28104795.42.50.2
Neufchatel1 oz2874374.21.90.2
Parmesan, grated1 cup100456423019.18.70.7
 1 tbsp523221.00.4Tr
 1 oz281291295.42.50.2
Ricotta, made with Whole milk1 cup246428283220.48.90.9
Ricotta, made with Part skim milk1 cup246340281912.15.70.6
Swiss1 oz28107885.02.10.3
Pasteurized process cheese        
Regular1 oz28106695.62.50.3
Fat free1 slice21315Tr0.1TrTr
Swiss1 oz2895774.52.00.2
Pasteurized process cheese food ,American1 oz2893674.42.00.2
Pasteurized process cheese        
spread, American1 oz2882563.81.80.2
Calories in Cream, sweet, Half and half (cream and milk)1 cup24231572817.38.01.0
 1 tbsp1520Tr21.10.50.1
Cream, sweet, Light, coffee1 cup24046964628.813.41.7
 1 tbsp1529Tr31.80.80.1
Whipping, unwhipped        
(volume about double       
when whipped)       
Light1 cup23969957446.221.72.1
 1 tbsp1544Tr52.91.40.1
Heavy1 cup23882158854.825.43.3
 1 tbsp1552Tr63.51.60.2
Whipped topping        
(pressurized)1 cup601542138.33.90.5
 1 tbsp38Tr10.40.2Tr
Cream, sour        
Reduced fat1tbsp1520Tr21.10.50.1
Fat free1tbsp1612Tr00.00.00.0
Cream product, imitation (made with vegetable fat)        
Sweet, Creamer        
Liquid (frozen)1tbsp1520Tr10.31.1Tr
Whipped topping        
Powdered, prepared with        
whole milk1cup801513108.50.70.2
Sour dressing (filled cream        
type, nonbutterfat)1cup23541783931.24.61.1
Calories in Frozen yogurt, soft serve        
Chocolate1/2 cup72115342.61.30.2
Vanilla1/2 cup72114342.51.10.2
Calories in Ice cream        
Chocolate1/2 cup66143374.52.10.3
Vanilla1/2 cup66133274.52.10.3
Light (50% reduced fat),        
vanilla1/2 cup6692331.70.80.1
Premium low fat,        
chocolate1/2 cup72113321.00.60.1
Rich, vanilla1/2 cup741783127.43.40.4
Soft serve, french vanilla1/2 cup861854116.43.00.4
Sherbet, orange1/2 cup74102110.90.40.1
Calories in Milk        
Calories in Whole milk(3.3% fat)1 cup244150885.12.40.3
Calories in Reduced fat (2%)1 cup244121852.91.40.2
Lowfat (1%)1 cup244102831.60.70.1
Calories in skim milk1 cup245868Tr0.30.1Tr
Calories in Buttermilk Canned1 cup24599821.30.60.1
Calories in Condensed, sweetened milk1 cup306982242716.87.41.0
Calories in Evaporated milk        
Calories in Buttermilk1 cup1204644174.32.00.3
Calories in Milk shake, thick        
Milk shake, Chocolate10.6 fl oz300356985.02.30.3
Milk shake, Vanilla11 fl oz3133501295.92.70.4
Calories in Yogurt With added milk solids        
Yogurt Made with lowfat milk        
Yogurt Fruit flavored8-oz 2272311021.60.70.1
Calories in Yogurt Plain  1441242.31.00.1
Yogurt Made with nonfat milk, Fruit flavored8-oz 22721310Tr0.30.1Tr
Calories in Yogurt Made with nonfat milk, Plain8-oz 22712713Tr0.30.1Tr
Yogurt Made with whole milk, plain8-oz227139874.82.00.2
Calories in Yogurt Made with nonfat milk,vanilla or lemon flavor8-oz 227989Tr0.30.1Tr

Tr - Trace

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