Calories & Fats in Fast Food

The calories from fast food you get are mostly from fat. They are also high in saturated fats so fast food ae not good for your health.

How much calories are you getting from the fast food you eat. The saturated fat content is very important in these foods that is not good for your blood cholesterol also. If you are trying to lose weight, then you should use the above table as calorie counter.

Fast food are very rich in calories. For example, 1 danish pastry can contain 335 calories, 1 French toast 178 calories and 1 cheeseburger 608 calories. French frfies gives you too many calories, 1 small serve of French fries (85 g) gives you 291 calories. The fast food calories mostly come from fat.

The following Table gives the values of calories, total fat, and protein content of fast food like hemburgr, french fries, hot dog, pizza, etc.

Food Description MeasureWtCalPro-
(g)(kcal) (g)(g) (g)(g)(g)
Biscuit with egg and sausage1 biscuit180581193915.016.44.4
Calories in Croissant with egg, cheese, bacon1 croissant129413162815.49.21.8
Danish pastry, Cheese filled1 pastry913536255.115.62.4
Calories in Danish pastry, Fruit filled1 pastry943355163.310.11.6
Calories in English muffin with egg, cheese, Canadian bacon1 muffin13728917134.74.71.6
Calories in French toast with butter2 slices13535610197.77.12.4
French toast sticks5 sticks1415138294.712.69.9
Calories in Pancakes with butter, syrup2 pancakes2325208145.95.32.0
 with beans and cheese1 burrito93189863.41.20.9
Burrito with beans and meat1 burrito1162551194.23.50.6
Calories in Cheese burger vegetables1 sandwich16641721218.77.82.7
Calories in Cheeseburger, Single patty1 sandwich11329516146.35.31.1
Calories in Cheeseburger, Double patty1 sandwich155457282813.011.01.9
Cheeseburger, Single patty with mayo type dressing,, vegetables1 sandwich219563283315.012.62.0
Cheeseburger, Single patty with bacon1 sandwich195608323716.214.52.7
Calories in Chicken fillet (breaded and fried) sandwich, plain1 sandwich18251524298.510.48.4
Chicken pieces, boneless, breaded and fried, plain6 pieces10631918214.710.54.6
Chili con carne1 cup2532562583.43.40.5
Chimichanga with beef1 chimichanga17442520208.58.11.1
Calories in Coleslaw991471111.62.46.4
Ice milk, soft, vanilla, in cone1 cone103164463.51.80.4
Pie, fried, with fruit filling (5" x 3")1 pie1284044213.19.56.9
Sundae, hot fudge1 sundae158284695.02.30.8
Enchilada with cheese1 enchilada163319101910.66.30.8
Fish sandwich, with tartar sauce and cheese1 sandwich18352321298.18.99.4
French fries1 small852914163.39.02.7
 1 medium1344586255.214.34.2
 1 large1695787316.518.05.3
Frijoles (refried beans, chili sauce, cheese)1 cup1672251184.12.60.7
Calories in Hamburger        
Hamburger, Regular size, with condiments, Double patty1 sandwich215576323212.014.12.8
Hamburger, Regular size, with condiments, Single patty1 sandwich10627212103.63.41.0
Hamburger, Large, with condiments, mayo type dressing, and vegetables, Double patty1 sandwich226540342710.510.32.8
Hamburger, Large, with condiments, mayo type dressing, and vegetables, Single patty1 sandwich218512262710.411.42.2
Hot dog        
Hot dog, Plain1 sandwich9824210155.16.91.7
Calories in Hot dog With chili1 sandwich11429614134.96.61.2
Hot dog With corn flour coating (corndog)1 corndog17546017195.29.13.5
Hush puppies5 pieces782575122.77.80.4
Mashed potatoes8066210.40.30.2
Nachos, with cheese sauce6-8 nachos1133469197.88.02.2
Onion rings, breaded and fried8-9 rings832764167.06.70.7
Calories in Pizza (slice = 1/8 of 12" pizza) Cheese1 slice63140831.51.00.5
Pizza (slice = 1/8 of 12" pizza) Meat and vegetables1 slice791841351.52.50.9
Pizza (slice = 1/8 of 12" pizza) Pepperoni1 slice711811072.23.11.2
Roast beef sandwich, plain1 sandwich13934622143.66.81.7
Salad, tossed, with chicken, no dressing2181051720.60.70.6
Salad, tossed, with egg, cheese, no dressing217102963.01.80.5
Chocolate Shake16 fl oz33342311127.73.60.5
Vanilla Shake16 fl oz33337012106.22.90.4
Calories in Shrimp, breaded and fried6-8 shrimp16445419255.417.40.6
Submarine sandwich (6" long), with oil and vinegar, Cold cuts (with lettuce, cheese, salami, ham, tomato, onion)1 sandwich22845622196.88.22.3
Roast beef (with tomato, lettuce, mayo)1 sandwich21641029137.11.82.6
Tuna salad (with mayo, lettuce)1 sandwich25658430285.313.47.3
Taco, beef1 small171369212111.46.61.0
 1 large263568323217.510.11.5
Taco salad (with ground beef, cheese, taco shell)19827913156.85.21.7
Tostada (with cheese, tomato, lettuce)        
With beans and beef1 tostada225333161711.53.50.6
With guacamole1 tostada1311816125.04.31.5

* SF - Saturated fat, MU Fat - Monounsaturated fat, PUS Fat - Polyunsaturated fat.

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