Calories in Beef, Pork, Lamb

Look below the values of fats, protein and calories in meat products such as beef, lamb, pork, etc.

The calories and fats in meats are quite high as compared to those vegetables calories and fruit calories. Even the lean meats are high in calories. Note how much calories are you getting from lamb, pork, and beef you eat.

85 g of Lean beef contains 213 calories, whereas 85 g of lean lamb gives you 237 calories.

Food Description MeasureWtCalPro-
(g)(kcal) (g)(g) (g)(g)(g)
Calories in Beef
Beef, cooked, Cuts braised, simmered, or pot roasted, Relatively fat, such as chuck blade, piece
Lean and fat3 oz8529323228.79.40.8
Lean only3 oz8521326114.34.80.4
Relatively lean, such as bottom round, piece,         
Lean and fat3 oz8523424145.46.20.5
Lean only3 oz851782772.43.10.3
Ground beef, broiled        
83% lean3 oz8521822145.56.10.5
79% lean3 oz8523121166.26.90.6
73% lean3 oz8524620186.97.70.7
Liver, fried, slice3 oz851842372.31.41.5
Roast, oven cooked, no liquid added, Relatively fat, such as rib, 2 pieces        
Lean and fat3 oz8530419259.910.60.9
Lean only3 oz8519523114.24.50.3
Relatively lean, such as eye of round, 2 pieces,         
Lean and fat3 oz8519523114.24.70.4
Lean only3 oz851432541.51.80.1
Steak, sirloin, broiled, piece,        
Lean and fat3 oz8521924135.25.60.5
Lean only3 oz851662662.42.60.2
Beef, canned, corned3 oz8521323135.35.10.5
Beef, dried, chipped1 oz2847810.50.50.1
Food Description MeasureWtCalPro-
(g)(kcal) (g)(g) (g)(g)(g)
Calories in Lamb, Fat in Lamb
Lamb, cooked, Chops, Arm, braised        
Lean and fat3 oz8529426208.48.71.5
Lean only3 oz8523730124.35.20.8
Loin, broiled        
Lean and fat3 oz8526921208.48.21.4
Lean only3 oz851842583.03.60.5
Leg, roasted, 2 pieces        
Lean and fat3 oz8521922145.95.91.0
Lean only3 oz851622472.32.90.4
Rib, roasted, 3 pieces        
Lean and fat3 oz85305182510.910.61.8
Lean only3 oz8519722114.05.00.7
Calories in Pork, Fat in Pork
Pork, cured, cooked, Bacon        
Regular3 medium slices109693.34.51.1
Canadian style (6 slices per 6-oz pkg)2 slices47861141.31.90.4
Ham, light cure, roasted, 2 pieces        
Lean and fat3 oz8520718145.16.71.5
Lean only3 oz851332151.62.20.5
Ham, canned, roasted, 2        
pieces3 oz851421872.43.50.8
Pork, fresh, cooked, Chop, loin (cut 3 per lb with bone) Broiled        
Lean and fat3 oz8520424114.15.00.8
Lean only3 oz851722672.53.10.5
Pan fried        
Lean and fat3 oz8523525145.16.01.6
Lean only3 oz851972793.13.81.1
Ham (leg), roasted, piece        
Lean and fat3 oz8523223155.56.71.4
Lean only3 oz851792582.83.80.7
Rib roast, piece        
Lean and fat3 oz8521723135.05.91.1
Lean only3 oz851902493.74.50.7
Ribs, lean and fat, cooked        
Backribs, roasted3 oz8531521259.311.42.0
Country style, braised3 oz8525220186.87.91.6
Spareribs, braised3 oz8533725269.511.52.3
Shoulder cut, braised, 3 pieces        
Lean and fat3 oz8528024207.28.81.9
Lean only3 oz8521127103.54.91.0
Calories & Fats in Sausages and Meats
Bologna, beef and pork (8 slices per 8-oz pkg)2 slices571807166.17.61.4
Braunschweiger (6 slices per 6-oz pkg)2 slices572058186.28.52.1
Brown and serve, cooked, link, raw2 links26103493.44.51.0
Canned, minced luncheon meat       
Pork, ham, and chicken, reduced sodium (7 slices per 7-oz can)2 slices571727155.17.11.5
Pork with ham (12 slices per 12-oz can)2 slices571888175.77.71.2
Pork and chicken (12 slices per 12-oz can)2 slices57117982.73.80.8
Chopped ham (8 slices per 6-oz pkg)2 slices2148441.21.70.4
Cooked ham (8 slices per 8-oz pkg)        
Regular2 slices571041061.92.80.7
Extra lean2 slices57751130.91.30.3
Frankfurter (10 per 1-lb pkg), heated        
Beef and pork1 frank451445134.86.21.2
Beef1 frank451425135.46.10.6
Pork sausage, fresh, cooked Link (4" x M\," raw)2 links2696582.83.61.0
Patty 1 patty27100582.93.81.0
Salami, beef and pork, Cooked type (8 slices per 8-oz pkg)2 slices571438114.65.21.2
Dry type, slice,2 slices2084572.43.40.6
Sandwich spread (pork, beef)1 tbsp1535130.91.10.4
Vienna sausage (7 per 4-oz can)1 sausage1645241.52.00.3
Veal, lean and fat, cooked Cutlet, braised3 oz851793152.22.00.4
Rib, roasted, 2 pieces3 oz8519420124.64.60.8
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