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For a healthy weight, it is very important for you to be physically active. You will benefit more if you do some form of exercise to lose weight or with your weight loss diet plan. You can burn calories in all physical activities including simple activity like switching off a TV or other activities such as playing a game. The number of calories that you can burn during an activity depends upon your age, your body structure, heredity and lifestyle.

Calculate calories burned in different activities using our calorie calculator given below.

The following table shows rough values of the number of calories you can burn for a particular activity for most people.

For example, if you are 60 kg (130 pound), you can burn 55 calories if you do house cleaning or 95 calories in jogging for 15 minutes.

Weight (in lbs.)   

Duration (in min.)

Daily Life Activities
House cleaningMowing Lawn: hand push
Chopping & Splitting WoodGardening: general
Mowing Lawn: power pushOperate Snow Blower: walking
Children's 4-square game Raking Lawn
Sex: Moderate effort
Home Exercise and Home Activities
Aerobics, Step: low impactAerobics, Step: high impact
Aerobics: waterStationary Bicycling: moderate
Bicycling, Stationary: vigorousCircuit Training: general
Rowing, Stationary: moderateRowing, Stationary: vigorous
Weight Lifting: generalWeight Lifting: vigorous
Training Activities
Basketball: one gameBasketball: wheelchair
Bicycling: mountainBicycling: 12-14 mph
Bicycling: 14-15.9 mphBoxing
Football: competitiveFootball: general
FrisbeeGolf: carrying clubs
Golf: using cartGymnastics: general
Handball: generalHiking
Horseback RidingIce Skating: general
Martial ArtsRacquetball: competitive
Racquetball: casualRock Climbing: ascending
Rock Climbing: descendingRollerblade Skating
Rope JumpingRunning: 5 mph
Running: 5.2 mphRunning: 6 mph
Running: 7.5 mphRunning: 10 mph
Running: pushing wheelchair, marathon wheelingRunning: cross-country
Skiing: cross-countrySkiing: downhill
Snow ShoeingSoftball: general
SwimmingTennis: general
Volleyball: non-competitive, 
general play
Volleyball: competitive
Volleyball: beachWalk: 3.5 mph
Walk: 4 mphWalk: 4.5 mph
JoggingWater Skiing
Water PoloWhitewater: rafting

Calculate calories you can burn in different activities. It is useful in achieving weight loss.

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