Know every thing about how to speed up metabolism, metabolism boosting natural foods that can burn excess calories from your body.

Metabolism is essentially the speed at which our body's motor is running. The speed at which our body burns calories is called the metabolic rate. The metabolism is based on the number of calories we burn throughout the day.

Our body constantly burns calories to keep us going whether we are eating, sleeping, cleaning etc. People with a lower percentage of body fat (i.e. muscular) have a higher metabolism than others that are less muscular because muscle uses more calories to maintain itself than fat.

How to build muscles to improve metabolism? What type of exercise is ideal that speed up metabolism so that you burn calories even at rest or sleep?

Some people have a slower metabolic rate and have a harder time staying slim. A slow metabolism actually causes to store fat. The slower the metabolic rate, the greater the weight gains.

Some people have a fast metabolic rate and burn lots of calories in a short time. They are likely to stay slim. Increasing the metabolism in overweight individuals can be good for weight loss. Balancing metabolic rate with caloric intake is the cornerstone of weight loss and weight maintenance.

Do you have Lower Metabolism?

Your metabolism is slow (low) if you have symptoms like fatigue, dry skin, feeling cold, constipation, a slow pulse and low blood pressure. These symptoms, however, could be due to a medical condition rather than low metabolism. Consult your Doctor to rule out any type of medical problem.

Body's metabolism burns calories during rest, during activity and exercise, and during heat production. All three areas play a vital role in weight loss.

  • Rest: The resting state can burn up to 75% of calories. The energy is responsible for maintaining things like the beating of heart, functioning of other organs, brain's activities and temperature regulation. One goal of any healthy weigh loss program is to increase the calories burned during resting. This is accomplished by the following two remaining factors.
  • Activity & exercise Although physical exercise uses only about 12% of the daily calories burned, exercise causes the calories burned during the resting state to be dramatically increased. The calories burned during exercise are almost insignificant compared to the increased metabolism resulting from exercise. Here, the total calories burned may be twice that of the exercise itself.
  • Thermogenesis The body's heat production, known as thermogenesis accounts for 15% of the total energy used. This process is highest during food intake. Certain foods can increase the number of calories burned during thermogenesis.

    Causes for Low Metabolism

    A very low calorie diet, eating foods with sugars, high saturated and trans-fat foods, fasting and no physical activity make your metabolism sluggish. Your underactive thyroid will alwso slow down your metqabolism.

    Metabolism Boosting Foods

    Imagine the body as a furnace, foods as fuel, and metabolism as a heat pattern. Choose foods that are more like coal, that create a very hot heat pattern. The foods you choose can make or break your metabolic rate.

    Some of the over the counter pills claim to boost up metabolism. These medicines contain animal thyroid extrac and may have side effects as diarrhea, nervousness, tremors, increased heart rate, excessive sweating, bulging eyes, etc. Don't become dependent on over the counter or prescribed pills to lose weight.

    By adding metabolism boosting foods to our diets, we can maintain our metabolisms high. Following is a list of metabolism boosting foods that can increasae your metabolism. Adding these foods to your diet will be boosting your metabolism, in addition to giving you other health benefits including lowering cholesterol, keeping healthy heart and immune system.

    The thermogenic ingredients increase the rate that the body burns the stored fat to release energy. As the calories are burnt, you have more energy so you become active for physical activities that in turn burn more calories. Alternating a high calorie day with a low calorie day has a stimulating effect on the metabolism

    Fibrous vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and apples are some of the best metabolism boosters, as your body burns more calories to digest these foods, in turn speeding up your metabolism.

    Listed below are natural metabolism boosters.

    1. Capsicum (cayenne or red pepper): The active ingredient capsaicin is supposed to raise the body's metabolic rate by as much as 25 percent for three hours.
    2. Hot chilies: Post meal metabolism builder
    3. Mustard: Post meal metabolism builder. Mustard can speed up the metabolism by as much as 20 to 25 % for several hours.
    4. Flaxseed: Source of alpha-linolenic acid, a fatty acid essential for efficient metabolism.
    5. Berries: Berries like strawberries, cranberries, etc. have few calories, high fiber and a lot of vitamin C. The vitamin C stimulates production of carnitine, an amino acid that supposedly boosts metabolism.
    6. Cinnamon: Contains chromium, which controls blood sugar.
    7. Tamarind (garcinia cambogia, Imli in India) contains hydroxy critirc acid (HCA) that helps carbohydrates to turn into energy instead of fat. You can buy tamarind pulp or paste.
    8. Citrus Aurantium or Bitter Orange: This increase metabolic rate promotes weight loss and increases energy level. This is a fat burner. It is highly acidic Seville orange, which is grown and cultivated in Spain, Italy and parts of the U.S. Its extract is available in natural health shops for weight watchers.
    9. Natural carbohydrates: including whole-grain foods (breads, brown rice, and pasta), fruits and vegetables help to stimulate the metabolism.

    There are several natural foods that are metabolism boosters.

    Know everything about metabolism, metabolism boosting or increasing natural foods to burn calories even while you sleep!

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